well, as my mom has been suggesting for months, I kinda sorta asked my friend to prom tonight.

It started with me telling him about my 8th grade journal where I wrote about him all the time cause I liked him…a lot. Then I ended up telling him about how my mom wants me to ask him to prom. Then we ended up making a deal. Here it is.

  1. by next month, if no one else has asked me, we’re going to my prom together.
  2. I will buy his ticket.
  3. he will wear a tux.
  4. he will grow his beard.

we shook on it. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda sorta SUPER PUMPED for prom now. Cause he’s really funny and sweet and fun and awesome, so it’ll be super legit! probably way more fun than I’d have with some dumb bum from my school! JUNIOR PROM HERE I COME!

(via bitter-blood)