Daily Rant y’all.

I really don’t get it when people say Invisible Children accomplishes nothing. I guess some just bury their heads in the sand, but just this week IC and their supporters helped convince our state department and the African Union to continue in their pursuit for the LRA’s top commanders in spite of the government in CAR being overthrown. There is now a $5 million reward for the arrest of the top commanders of the LRA. Because of IC and their dedicated supporters the world is becoming a safer and more just place because we believe that where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live. 

That was your daily rant from your resident crazy hippie.


but seriously. 

Which one do you think would look better for prom? My hair is darkish blonde and naturally wavy. my dress is long and blue and pretty simple. Opinions? Send me opinions in my ask box!

you should watch this. even if you’ve seen it before.

okay I have a question.

There’s a boy. and he likes to

  • hold my hand
  • link arms with me
  • hug me for a long time
  • pinch me
  • make me laugh
  • tell me I’m beautiful (okay so that happened like once…)
  • rub his beard on my face
  • put his arm around me

BUT we don’t really text…like I’ll text him then he’ll reply and I’ll text back and he won’t reply again…or sometimes he doesn’t reply at all. In person he’s all over me, but we don’t talk when we’re not around each other. Today, he was flirting with me but I saw him text some other chick. So now I’m completely confused. What does all of this mean?