Some days I am just overwhelmed

In all the right ways, for all the right reasons. I mean, sometimes it’s just so apparent that God has blessed me so far beyond what I deserve. Today, I am feeling very blessed to have Austin to walk through life with me. Those of you who have followed my blog a while know that I’ve had my bad times with guys (and times when I was just really really stupid about them) and that I always wondered why I was the one who was “forever alone”. Well, as always, God had perfect timing and perfect plans. When I least expected it, He gave me a man who loves the Lord, respects me, cherishes me, makes me laugh, gives the BEST hugs, and who just brings joy into my life! Even though I was impatient, God was faithful and brought me someone who I in now way deserve. Even though we’re apart right now, and distance isn’t ideal I am so thankful that I have someone who is willing to work through the not so ideal situation to be with me. Also, Austin is willing to go across the world to do missions with me…I never thought I’d find someone like that! It’s just amazing how I’m given such good gifts by God, and it’s amazing how He teaches me things though tough situations. I hate being apart from Austin for all of college while knowing that he’s the one I want to marry; however, God is teaching us both such patience in this situation and teaching us to put our relationships with God first, and I just think that’s amazing. I am so blessed, and I am so thankful.

I guess I just don’t understand why it always seems like things always turn out badly.

Like my relationships. I just don’t know. do you ever just feel totally down on yourself? I guess it’s just a rut…but I’m just blue.

The Moment I Knew
Taylor Swift
Red (Deluxe Edition)

Taylor Swift

The Moment I Knew

Red (Deluxe Edition)

okay, I usually don’t like Taylor Swift, but this song is like she was spying on me and wrote a song about my life.

PS-prom guy kinda stood me up.

he texted and told me he was sick 5 minutes after he was supposed to pick me up…

gah. everytime I look at you, I miss you.

well, I guess who you used to be.


Any cute girl boy that would grab a giant blanket, two even bigger cups of coffee and just sit cuddling and talking outside in the cold would instantly win my heart. So simple and romantic.

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that awkward moment when you’re kinda sorta in like with someone you’ve only met once…

that awkward moment when someone leaves you and then finds someone else who is JUST LIKE YOU.

I guess the new me is better? whatever. good riddance you poop.

you suck. I’m so done. I hope college is fun.

I guess I thought it’d be different…

One day you’ll meet a guy. And ultimately, he’s going to find out. How you chew, how you sip, how you dance, how you smell at every point in the day. The fact that most of your friends are shallow. How your face looks underneath all your makeup. How you love chocolate, how you can be hyper at times, how certain games and shows make you really happy. How cranky you can get when you’re tired, how you think you look bad in all your Facebook photos. He’s going to know everything about you. And you know what? He’s still going to love you.